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they're the real patriots. they really love the country that they're trying to provide and split. some very good news. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. the jobless rate down to 6.3%. the number of new jobs created, catch this, 288,000, way more than a quarter million. this is just in the one month of frill. the stock market this week hit its highest level in american history, more than doubling since president obama's inauguration.
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what was the republican's reply to all of this news? to rain on the parade. and you have to wonder if this isn't without a purpose. that being to discourage the consumer from spending, encourage business leaders to horde their cash, put off investing, sit on the money they had all ready to invest if mitt romney had won. but you don't have to wonder how loudly the republicans would be celebrating had they held these brags rights other numbers like these. a solid drop in the unemployment. well more than a quarter million new jobs in just a month. the highest r point in the history of the stock market. what do you think priebus, boehner and eric cantor would be saying about those apples? they would do the republican equivalent of high-fiving each other, whatever that is. and doing cartwheels on fox telling sean hannity that they were, in fact, in heaven. anyway, eugene robinson is a
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columnist for "the washington post." and alex wagner is the host of "now" on msnbc. two great people to join me. the oobs lute hilarity, when everything is turning up roses. reince preibus comes out and eric cantor -- maybe the unemployment wait doesn't get to their eroj nous zone the way it does to the democrats. but certainly the stock market through the roof. wouldn't they be saying good fine work by this man, good work. >> everything would be coming up roses, happy days would be here again, except that's a democratic sthougt. no, it would be morning again in america. >> right. a. >> why don't democrats tell the story, right? >> yes. this is a problem with the democratic party maybe for a while now. they don't know how to win. >> they don't know how to tell their accomplishments. chris, we got mugs with the
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president's birth certificate? where are the mugs showing the numbers out of the great recession. >> today before he began. the president took a moment to tout april's exciting job numbers. and repeat there's more to do. let's listen to him. >> we have to keep a focus on job creation and creating more opportunities for working families. there's plenty more congress should be doing, creating good construction jobs, rebuilding america. i want to work with them wherever i can, but i keep acting on my own wherever i must to make sure every american who works hard has the chance to get ahead. >> explain that. >> why is he like that today? is he caught up on something else? >> maybe he's thinking about ukraine. which is a general downer and so
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maybe that's why it was such a dour recitation of what one would think he would be clicking his heels about. strutting around the rose garden saying look, i told you these were the right economic policies. 23 we would all just be patient for a while, things were getting better. and look, nings are better. 6.3%. 288,000 jobs. >> i like the way you're doing it. of. >> it is funny . i guess we'll get on to this. they're doing the opposite of glee. they're doing what you know republicans would be thrilled with these numbers. the stock market has always been their -- anyway, republicans had to acknowledge the good numbers. then, of course, began to damn the whole thing with feign praise. quote, we're happy that more americans were able to find work last month, but more and more people are dropping out of our work force.
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then he adds this jab. oba obamacare is to blame for slashing workers' hours. speakers john boehner joined the welcome news but put in the shift. quote, president obama ought to call on the democrat-led senate to take up the jobs measures s get it moving again. it's time senate democrats stop ignoring these stacks of bills so that we can help hardworking americans deal with their stacks of bill bps. very cleverly put by some staffer up there. they issued these statements on paper. they didn't even phone them in. >> it's unconscionable. it's unconscionable that john boehner of all the people to say stop sitting on your hands. start passing some legislation. here's a dude who's basically a dead end for any kind of bipartisan effort at anything at
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all times. and then has the audacity in two weeks to go back home in ohio say oh, whoa, it's so hard passing legislation. telling members of his own party to buck up. it's outrageous. >> let's talk about the strategy behind this. i don't know the president's strategy for being somewhat hesitant here. there are certainly poor people and there will always be poor people. there's one logic to this on the republican side. we've got a poll out that says that people who are absolutely certain, look people are going to vote this november, which is a lot of politics. we isolate some of this from the paper's poll. an improving economy could boost democratic turnout in november. among those democrats who are thinking well, three-quarters of those who rate the economy positively say they're absolutely certain to vote in november. just 58% who rart the economy negatively are absolutely
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certain to vote. so if you can get most americans to think it's not happy, nothing going well, if you could work them down to say it's okay, but not so great, you can get them not to vote. >> it's the republican playbook. why is the president acting leak this. >> does he know the playbook? >> then it becomes a base election. then republicans fire up their base with obama care and benghazi, whatever. so democrats just sit home. a. >> frankly roosevelt except the smirts up. he said we're getting there. things are getting better. >> i think the president has had oceans of patience in terms of not getting -- i think in some degree his spirit, when he talks about working with congress, he
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knows the next three years are going to be executive actions and that's basically it. >> there has been many moments when he has been forceful and optimist optimistic. it's just that today would have been a good day. i do think economics drives politics. the economy, gas lines, got to blame somebody for this crap. clinton on the other hand swam through his problems. the economy was really good. so the context of most of the politics that we talk about, personality at all often times comes in that package, that box that says how are you doing?
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>> it's that whole atmosphere. you take on the chark tacterist of the atmospheres. the atmospherics should be getting better. >> the republicans are doing a good job. >> if the news is bad, they're going to be the ones that are going to give the middle class and the working class a chance at fighting back. that is the elegant and overarching strategy here. we're going to keep telling you guys that we're the ones fighting. >> everybody says you shouldn't brag and the bush family would never brag, but the fact is that's old money talking. old money doesn't have to brag. >> new money does. >> yeah. and i look at -- i washed the feet of some good democratic candidates because they didn't know how to do it. we just came off of eight great years of the clinton era. he wouldn't do it.
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the lock box and all this stuff about deficits. >> you've got to blow your own horn. >> consensus and intellectual honesty. the it's hard for them to have no compunction about winning. it's hard for the left at some times. >> thank you. >> i think i you've got to get out there and sell it. >> if you've got a good product, sell it. >> anyway, eugene robinson, alice wagner, today's latest on the right's benghazi's obsession. darrell issa subpoenas john kerry, then speaker boehner moves to create a new formal select committee to investigate apparently the other four committees already investigating this nonscandal weren't enough to do the job. also the news again kooeps getting worse for chris
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christie. today, we learned that many of christie's wealthiest and best connected donors are preparing to jump ship if jeb bush gets into the presidential race. and i guess he's getting in. and president obama's sharp elbows at tomorrow's white house correspondent dinner. look for the president to use his humor as a weapon. are you listening, donald trump? >> no one is happier, no one is prouder to put this birth der sif c certificate matter to rest than the donald. so he can get back to the issues that finally matter. like did we fake the moon landing? what really happened in roswell? and where are biggie and tupac? >> finally, let me finish with a great cause in my home down of philadelphia. ♪ [ banker ] sydney needed some financial guidance
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tom corbin is one oft most vulnerable in the country. his democratic challenger is coming up in about two weeks. according to a new poll, businessman tom wolf continues to run away way ahead of u.s. congresswoman alyson schwartz and mccourt. wolf has spent a lot of money on television advertising. and it seems to have worked. we'll be right back. if i told you that a free ten-second test
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you could literally be done with the test by now. now you could have done it twice. this is awkward. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. >> a dramatic escalation in the benghazi escalations. yesterday, we told you about a newly disclosed e-mail that republicans were heralding as the smoking gun in this investigation that set up a chain reaction inside the
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republican party, starting with senator lindsey graham calling the white house scumbags. but as we noted in yesterday's show, that e-mail sent by white house deputy national security ben rhodes squares with the reality of what actually happened in benghazi. that hardly matters to some republicans today. the right is out there going nuclear. house speaker's john boehner announcing the house will create a new select committee, that means a permanent committee practically to investigate benghazi. the republicans on the services committee, foreign affairs committee have all conducted their own investigations. for some republicans there's no such thing as enough. the speaker says, quote, it's clear that questions remain. and the administration still does not respect the authority of congress to provide proper oversight. well, this dismissiveness and invasion requires us to elevate the investigation to a new level. that's boehner. boehner's announcement came just hours after house oversight
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chairman, darrell issa disclose pd ehad subpoenaed john kerry to testify in front of the committee later this month. issa is accusing the state department of failing to meet its legal obligations saying the new subpoena will compel kerry to, quote, answer questions about your agency's response to a congressional investigation of the benghazi attack. david corn is washington bureau chief for mother jones. and a special correspondent for the daily beast. you know your stuff here. is there anything here? i'm going to argue that watching this thing, i do have a file cabinet in my head. i can follow this thing. it's not like every day is is a brand-new thing. consistently we've gotten reports that what happened was there was a copycat kind of thing. there were terrorists, there were protests all over the middle east at that time. cairo was all over the media. that led into kind of a copycat operation in this benghazi
4:18 pm
facility out there. and of course, the whole thing seems to have come out of anger in the islamic and arab world about this crazy and obnoxious video that went out. that's in the news, that's in this new e-mail that came out. that was in the bipartisan report on the intelligence committee. what's new, pussy cat? why do they keep making this a big deal? >> because there's nothing else. their theory was always that the white house deceived the public because they were so scared that the public would look at obama's kournt terrorism credentials with suspicion going into the re-election two months after the benghazi attack. and so we have all these e-mails that come out tho showed it wasn't the white house who created the talking points as being related to the video or somehow related to the video. and the talking points tell us it was the cia, the state department, not the white house that put that language together
4:19 pm
and now they're talking about a over-up of a cover-up that didn't exist. at the time, reports from libya, media reports said the same thing. and investigations by the senate intelligence committee and "the new york times" both come up with the same conclusion. so even with what susan rice said, if not entirely accurate was kind of close to what other people found. so if there's a difference of opinion here, it wasn't -- >> i think it's close to what we know months and years later now. my question, is this something in the republican brain soup? did they somehow get the idea that something bad happened here? if you've got boehner under sodium pen thol, imagiathol, im thought -- what's your worst case scenario about what
4:20 pm
happened. not press releases that were issued. did anybody deserve blame for a beloved ambassador getting killed? >> i don't have any idea what they believe. i think some believe that. >> believe what? hillary was out doing something else? >> something like that. or that there had to be some kind of lack of preparedness on the obama administration's part for this to have happened. i think a lot of them don't even believe it. they're really drinking crazy juice over there at that committee now. and they're ratcheting this up. the rhodes e-mail as you said, is exactly like the cia talking points that susan rice got. and there's just nothing new here. >> here's krauthammer. smart guy here. charles krauthammer who writes a big syndicated column. he said they're making far reaching comparisons when it comes to the newly disclosed ben rhodes e-mail. here's krauthammer himself. >> to me, the equivalent of what was discovered with the nixon tapes. the point is that republicans have done a terrible job in building a case.
4:21 pm
they had appointed a special committee a long time ago, the way it was done in watergate, we would have had answers on this and the country wouldn't be tired. >> he's changing his story originally. he said they blew it. now he's saying if they had done it right they could have done it. but he's not even saying there's something there. do you listen to charles there? does he say there's something there? >> he says it's watergate. >> no, he's not. he's saying they should have used the same investigative effort they did with watergate. >> but for 40 years, this is the big picture. 40 years, republicans and conservatives have wanted their watergate. in the '90s they tried to get clinton on whitewater, filegate, fbi, all those things. >> whitecat water. >> and now they're trying with obama. benghazi, fast and furious, just keep throwing the spaghetti at the wall, seeing if anything sticks. enbenghazi is too good for them.
4:22 pm
it gives them the weak on national defense tag. >> you know the problem. you have to have a coloneled idea, like a break-in of the headquarters. >> you used to. not anymore. that's old school, chris. >> yeah. >> you get a republican, you say to the guy a few things, what do you think was the bad thing done by hillary clinton? >> they don't care. they want to keep hillary clinton out of the white house. they want to keep the embassy revved up for the vote this fall, and they want to keep the headlines coming. subpoena john kerry. they played no preparation for them. issa just subpoenaed him out of the blue. they don't care what comes of it. >> he wasn't there then. >> john kerry has to testify. then kerry will go testify. then more hanging testifies when kerry testifies and they can just make it go on forever. >> the white house is taking heat for not disclosing the e-mail sooner. now, here's jay carney facing
4:23 pm
off with abc's jonathan carr who's actually quite good at his questioning here earlier this week. let's listen to carr going after carney. >> why were you holding back this information? why was this e-mail not turned over to the congress? why was it not released when you released all the other e-mails. this is directly relevant. >> john again -- >> why did it take a court case for you to release this. >> i can say it again and again and you can keep asking again and again. this document was about benghazi. >> it was the prep for the subject. >> it wasn't her only prep, john. she relied for her answers on benghazi on the document prepared by the cia, as did members of congress. >> this is not the thing i want to argue about in my life, how people screw things up. rolling disclosures is the worst thing in the world. the longer you keep it, the more
4:24 pm
it rots. the more it smells. get it out if you have it. >> and they waited for a while to get out the initial batch we were talking about a year ago. it took them a while to do that. and these come out. now the republicans are saying that's theish shup. >> this is about bad management. i don't think it was jay carney's decision. it was a lawyer dealing with this. or an archivist for all we know. >> is there a character problem here with the former secretary of state or not and no one is pointing to anything that's real here. >> what's real is that the state department, cia, defense department, had a situation in which somebody and three others go the killed. there's a lot to look at. a lot of blame to go around for that event. but what republicans are looking at has nothing to do with that. they don't care about protecting -- >> can anybody here get back to life. a courageous, really courageous ambassador goes out, takes a
4:25 pm
trip. he knew there was some risks. he made a calculated decision that went bad. this happens in life. it happens in war all the time. it happens in diplomacy. it's a horrible world sometimes and they're trying to explit this into some stupid, damn political thing. i've got to go. sorry. i've got to get rid of you. anyway, david corn and michael dumanski. up next, have we finally seen enough of rob ford? god this poor guy's got problems. ♪
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embattled mayor smoking crack again. now ford is going into rehab, not for his drug problem, he says, but for alcoholism. well, the news inspired david letterman and the folks at "the late show" to create a video about ford's problems and it's got a pretty overt sub text. >> toronto mayor rob ford accepted he has a drug problem, so he's entering rehab. he's ready to take a crack at it. he pledges to get up at the crack of done and get cracking with his crack team of addiction specialists. and why alcoholism is a tough nut to crack and sobriety isn't everything it's cracked up to me, mayor ford is determined photo fall between the cracks. so for all the wisecracking critics out there, put that in your pipe and smoke it. >> it's not really that funny,
4:30 pm
is it? tomorrow is the white house correspondent dinner. we'll be talking more about that in the show. in the meantime, some comedic highlights of the past courtesy of c-span. >> feel walk around all kinds of delusi delusions. men walking around thinking they're jesus. men walking around thinking they're napoleon. men walking around thinking congress is going to pass their budget in the first 100 days. >> i have an announcement for you watching tonight's event live on c-span. for good sad sake, it's saturda night. >> president clinton had some wonderful, wonderful international triumphs such as bringing the israelis and arabs together. do you remember that day on the white house. they were all in step.
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up next, the sinking chris christie ship is rapidly losing happy passengers. ups is a global company, but most of our employees
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president obama an angela america kel met at the white house to discus the rising violence in ukraine. the president warned the increasing rising price for russia if they don't change course. in the ukrainian city of odessa, a fire left 31 people dead. it started new violent flashes. and the u.s. had its first confirm eed case of mers. now back to "hardball."
4:35 pm
welcome back to "hardball." chris christie wants to run in 2016 for president, of course. he says the bridge scandal of his won't stop him. >> many voters if they consider this issue at all in considering my candidacy, if there ever is one, i've got a feeling it will be a very small element, if any element at all. >> there's certainly nothing that's happened in the last, you know, number of months since we talked about this the last time that would make me think any differently about my ability to be able to pursue that job or to perform it. >> i am who i am. and for some people, they love it. i will tell you, when i travel around new jersey, i hear from most people that's the thing they love the most. >> what about iowa? >> oh, well, i think they love me in iowa, too, diane. i've been there a lot. i think they love me there, too. >> voting states like iowa, christie will be making an appearance there in iowa and south carolina the next few months.
4:36 pm
he's already been to florida. he made a pit stop of course out in las vegas in march to court gop megan donor sheldon adelson and cozied up to the republican party's base at this year's cpac conference. it might be his fantasy to sit in the big office in the white house, but here's the reality crashing down all around him. the u.s. attorney's criminal investigation into crist tie's office is accelerating. christie's allies will be taking the witness stand in a new round of legislative hearings starting next weekend in trenton. his support has plummeted in national and local polls in new jersey. and today, some of his donors are running in exodus for jeb bush. in private conversations that are now seeping into public view, some donors are signalling to tryst christie's camp that should mr. bush enter the race, their first loyalty would be to him, not mr. christie. this is according to interviews with more than two dozen of those fat cats.
4:37 pm
you, sir, have been the star of the story, so report. is christie off on some cloud nine on this thing? and if so he's the only one there because these other republicans who are very conscious of money and winning. that's what they mean to these big guys. they think he's not their guy right now. they're looking at bush. >> they're smart. they know there's uncertainty. what christie is doing and saying publicly is what he has to do and say. he has to hope there's some kind of exoneration that comes out of this. >> isn't that his problem, he won't get a clearance early. there will be all these traps he has to get through. >> this week is a perfect demonstration. here we are talking about christie in 2016 and here he's saying nothing is going to hold me back. but at the same time, we learn one of his closest confidents, a guy he tried to put in the state
4:38 pm
supreme court in new jersey has now been subpoenaed or about to be subpoenaed by the u.s. attorney. >> david samson. >> no, no. it's another name. that's a new story this week. as long as this goes on and all indications are this is something that's going to play out, not over days but over weeks and months, as long as this goes on, there's going to be uncertainty there. and no donor is going to sit down right now and say chris christie is my guy. they don't know -- nobody knows where this is going. >> that's the good thing about republican money people. they're focused on money. that's how they got to be rich. they're thinking where do i put my quarter or my buck or my ten thousand bucks or hundred thousand bucks. i'm not going to put it on a fum bertha's not going to come up. >> but guess what number is not going to come up? jeb bush. >> kathleen parker said she's done her reporting and he's running. >> he may be running. he's not whenning. for these gop mega donors to be looking so seriously at him just
4:39 pm
shows -- >>ing o, so where should they be going? >> i don't know. >> i see one name. i see scott walker. i see one guy who is a somewhere in the center right, he's a governor, which ask really important. he's got a job. >> he's got to win re-election. but you're right, he does fit the bill. but this week, nbc/wall street journal poll, jeb bush has a 21% approval rating. you can't blame that on lack of name recognition. the bush name is the most famous name in politics. >> let's take a look at this poll. this is how far christie has fallen. he was consistently on top of the polls for the 2016 nomination before this scandal hit. but in this week's washington post, this week's post, an abc poll, christie is trailing paul ryan, mike huckabee, jeb bush and rand paul. christie also lost his crossover
4:40 pm
appeal. christie with an impressive 45% approval rating among new jersey democrats. in their latest poll that number has plummeted down to 25%. as we mentioned, "the new york times" is reporting that many of christie's donors may abandoned him if jeb bush runs. christie's donors make up a group that according to the book "double down" christie is extremely protective of. this is their account of a meeting between romney and christie in a lead-up between 2012 ele. christie also told romney something else. unless christie made up his mind about endorsing romney, he wanted none of the candidates including mitt to raise money in new jersey. let's be clear, if you jump the gun and start raising money here, you can almost certainly kiss my support goodbye. romney left the meeting incredulous at romney's dictate and back room delivery. it's like something out of the so ppran sopranos. are you kidding me? this rhymes with what we've also
4:41 pm
seen about christie's behavior. >> do you remember when there was the whole clamoring in the fall of 2011 for mitt to make a last-minute entry into the race. it was coming from the big money people who had ties to njs in many cases. this is the same crew right now, if you read that article, this is the similar crew right now that in a lot of cases express doubt with -- >> finish with you. christie is too hot to handle, we agree? and jeb bush is too dull? >> and too moderate for ted cruz. >> this leaves them in big trouble. i thought they' been in big trouble for a long time. >> these folks do not want rand paul to bubble up. and they're terrifies that's exactly what's happening. they're casting about for other people. christie doesn't have a chance. jeb bush doesn't have a chance. >> let me give you a republican horror story. rand paul is the nominee. if you're concerned about israel, foreign policy getting to mushy. and you got to decide between rand paul and hillary clinton. now your wife is going crazy for
4:42 pm
hillary clinton. you may also be, but your wife definitely is. and all the pressure is on you. you're going to push rand paul on me? these guys are going to step back and say i'm stepping out of this one. >> they'll support hillary. >> yeah. and they may be more aggressive. isn't that something? rich guys for hillary. that's where elizabeth warren comes in. thank you. next, opponents of president obama beware. heel be using humor tomorrow night here in washington as a dangerous weapon. he's also looking at you. discover card. hey! so i'm looking at my bill, and my fico® credit score's on here. we give you your fico® score each month for free! awesomesauce! wow! the only person i know that says that is...lisa? julie?! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and see your fico® credit score.
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on a quiet summer evening in 1964, mcgaurry's phone rang. he identified himself as a secret service agent and said that president johnson wanted to stop by her apartment in 15 minutes. oh, really she replied. sure that it was a fellow reporter pulling her leg. but the man on the line insisted he was serious. she went out into the hall way, a modern brick affair and found several secret service agents standing near the elevator. realizing that the leader of the free world was indeed on his way, she ran inside and tidied up. several minutes later, the president himself appeared at
4:45 pm
her door. she invited lbj in and invited the president a drink and engaged in friendly small talk until johnson, tumblers of scotch in his large hand finally put his cards on the table. mary, i am crazy about you, he confessed. he wanted to sleep with her. johnson tried to make the case that since se had always admired kennedy, she should now transfer her affections to him. she said i admire you, mr. president, i always will, and i think you ear doing a terrific job and that's where it stop, right there. president johnson finished his drink and said i just wanted you to know -- and with that, president and his secret service detail left. what a story.
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>> the white house correspondent dinner is tomorrow, saturday. a decades ols tradition that brings the president, the prez and beltway politicians together to folk fun at each other. a column today in "the daily beast" pointed out how president obama has used comedy differently than his predecessors as a weapon to embarrass and disarm his opponents. ridicule is the most effective form of political attack. so let's take a look at how president obama has done the same. first up, here is the president hitting comingman paul ryan and michelle bachmann back in 2011. >> of course, the deficit is a serious issue. that's why pull ryan couldn't be here tonight.
4:49 pm
his budget has no room for laughter. michelle bachmann is here, and she's thinking of running for president. i hear she was born in canada. yes, michelle, this is how it starts. >> and of course, he had this to say about mitch mcconnell last year. some folks don't think i spend enough time in congress. why don't you get a drink with mitch mcconnell they ask. really? why don't you get a drink with mitch mcconnell. >> and who would forget how the president made an attack ad against himself parodying mitt romney strapping the roof of his dog to his car. ♪ in the arms of the angel >> america's dogs can't afford
4:50 pm
four more years of obama. 's 28 more years. our dogs need leadership now. >> who let the dogs out? >> this guy. and that's why we need to join mitt romney this american. and dog gone it, i ride outside. paid for by the woof pac. >> with us now is liz winstead co-creator of the daily show and dana milbank of "the washington post." it seems to me, liz, that obama does have some skill in this area of the stiletto attack on people's he's had a urging to go after for a long time. but, saved for the comedy night to do it. >> well, i think that -- i think that he has an advantage where he's got some great writers. and i think you really can hit hard when you -- when you make a point with humor, you disarm somebody because you can't really stop laughing like if somebody makes you laugh it's automatic, right? you can't like pretend you're not laughing or think it's not funny.
4:51 pm
and so when your charm can come from speaking truth, pointing out some hypocrisy and getting a laugh in it, there's really nothing more powerful. >> well, what do you think there, dana? you do this all the time. >> well, speaking of these dinners is really a high wire act. because you know, if you deliver it right. it's -- it's very powerful. but think about when george w. bush did this thing about looking under the desk for the wmd. huge disaster. >> nothing bugged me more than the reporters who were laughing that night. >> yeah. >> because you don't laugh at the horror of a war that was unfounded. >> that was a terrible mistake. now he's going to have lots much great writers like people like liz who are giving him great material. but you got to be careful to be a little self-deprecating but not in the wrong area -- >> wait a minute you just put a little bit of information on the table there. liz, are you helping the president this time? are you helping him? >> no, sir, i am not. >> okay. just wanted to correct that. anyway -- >> he should only be so lucky. >> i would say that, too. >> in 2011, president obama effectively used the
4:52 pm
correspondents' dinner to mock the conspiracy theory of the birthers. first he unveiled his long form birth certificate in an intentionally kitschy video. then after he took to the podium he offered the skeptics even more. >> tonight, i'm prepared to go a step further. tonight, for the first time, i am releasing my official birth video. ♪ >> liz, can you -- i don't know what your writers meetings are when you sort of do these reads with your talent, you know, with jon stewart and people like that. imagine trying to sell this to the press today. what we want you to do here is to go all the way in the other direction, and tell this story
4:53 pm
of how you were born in africa, in this hakuna matata kind of thing going on here. that must have been pretty hard to sell. >> or was it just so brilliant because it's like how do we address this once and for all and lay it on the table? and to be able to go out there so far i think is awesome. but i think that, i think dana is right, that the high wire act really is being super aware of how the public views you. you know, when you look at the polls and congress is polling in single digits, you have to make sure that it's not really about democrats, or about republicans, you know, you can jab a little bit but it's really about wow, we are broken. and what are the parts of the brokenness that america can laugh at and then go in for your joke there? >> you're good at this. i always wondered, you have to go to the truth and find it first. it would be remiss not to mention this classic which i love. also from 2011 when president obama went after donald trump in the room. >> we all know about your
4:54 pm
credentials and breadth of experience. for example, seriously, just recently in an episode of "celebrity apprentice," at the steak house the men's cooking team did not impress the judges from omaha steaks. and there was a lot of blame to go around, but you, mr. trump, recognized that the real problem was a lack of leadership and so ultimately you didn't blame little john or meat loaf, you fired gary busey. and these are the kind of decisions that will keep me up at night. well handled, sir. well handled. >> that was rich. >> and it was devastating. i mean if donald trump weren't already seen as a buffoon completely, that completely finished him off there.
4:55 pm
my prediction, he better hope that darrell issa is in the audience. he's ready. >> it's a ripe target. that's like them going after cantaloupes. thank you liz winstead. you're a genius. we'll be right back after this. around here you don't make excuses. you make commitments. and when you can't live up to them, you own up, and make it right. some people think the kind of accountability that thrives on so many streets in this country has gone missing in the places where it's needed most. but i know you'll still find it when you know where to look.
4:56 pm
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is helping schools expand job and technical training across the state because it makes a difference. woman: so tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for the career and technical training our students need. let me finish tonight with this. i was in philadelphia, my hometown, last night helping with a big event for the fairmount park conservancy. this is what every big city should have.
4:59 pm
this effort to bring back and build up a city's greatest assets, its public parks. places for kids to get out of the house and have some real fun. places for young couples to wander, for the old to enjoy, nature in the full. i grew up alongside one of philadelphia's finest, hunting park. i remember going there with my parents on summer nights to ride the merry-go-round and at one amazing point to see the barnum and bailey greatest show on earth when it came to town. those days and evenings in the park are now one of the very good things in neighborhoods where life can be tough for kids. where there's a lot of unemployment and other challenges. my old neighborhood may have changed in some ways but the need for outdoor fun and yes a few hours of beauty is more vital than ever. more of a human need. so, three cheers for the fairmount park conservancy. an effort i've been so happy to be a small part of. the people who run it and mayor michael nutter who supports it so strongly are doing just the right thing. i love being there last night near the site where the philadelphia actually hosted the national centennial exposition back in 1876 and all that beautiful park remains.
5:00 pm
if you want to help go to and that's why i'm wearing this button. i love philly parks. and i do. that's "hardball" for now. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. the speaker of the house announced today the house will vote to establish a new select committee on benghazi. also today, the house oversight committee subpoenaed secretary of state john kerry. two very aggressive and very rare moves that signal house republicans are not abandoning their obsession with tying the white house to the attacks in benghazi. on the contrary, it looks like they are just getting started. today, john boehner tweeted out the announcement of a select committee with this very slick graphic. you are looking at right now. and, if you look at this graphic carefully, if you look closely at it, it embodies everything about the not one, but two
5:01 pm

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